Our server rules are simple:

  • Be respectful of other players and teams
  • No Mobile AA in redzone (On our conquest server)
  • No artillery in redzone (On our conquest server)
  • No racism
  • No hacking


If you got banned from our servers you must have violated one or more of our servers rules. Unless you were hacking all other rules can be forgiven, if we feel a sincere apology and of course doesn’t occur again.You can contact us via our Contact Us section to discuss the matter.

P.S We only ban 100% cheaters, hackusations are not welcome. If you think someone hacks back it up.

GRFS is a team focused in BF4 currently.In order to join our team feel free to join our teamspeak (Link on the frontpage). First you will need to register with our site. If we feel that we can co exist then you will get an invitation for our BF4 platoon.